INFIDEL FILMS is a film production company established in 2016. Located in Los Angeles, CA and Istanbul, Turkey. Our clashing East meets West cultures bestow us with a broader perspective of the world.

We wear our name as a badge of honor to commemorate individuals who speak out against the fallacy of social and political injustices and belief systems.

Our current "infidel" is Selda Bağcan, who sings for human rights and social equality. In our feature-length documentary, SELDA is the story of the first female rocker and mother of political music activism to hail from Turkey. The singer/songwriter persevered through a tumultuous 4 decade career despite all the government pushback she encountered for her lyrics. She inspired new generations of Western music artists and fans alike, from rappers Dr. Dre and Mos Def, to rockers Tame Impala, Florence and the Machine, Mars Volta, Chelsea Wolfe to DJs Gaslamp Killer and Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie's 'Wooden Wisdom'.

Selda is still actively touring the world and playing at major music festivals spreading her messages.